KAYA DJ is a well-known Techno Music Producer, Remixer and DJ, Label Owner of “Affluenza Records” and “Affluenza Black” and also Founder of “TECH-NO Series” which was sat numerous times in first place of Mixcloud’s Global Techno Trending Chart. He is in production of electronic music since 2008. Right after he slid into Techno music production, within a few years, many great releases of him showed up from top Techno labels such as CODEX, SAY WHAT, IAMT, LOOSE, IMMERSION, STICK, SILENT STORM, BALLROOM BLACK, ECLIPSE, RELOAD, RELOAD BLACK, AFFLUENZA, AFFLUENZA BLACK and more.

In a short while his tracks “Alzar” and “Decayed City” also reached to Beatport Top 5 and 27 ranking in Techno Genre. This also let him to get support from very famous Techno producers and label owners from all around the world such as Ramon Tapia, Spartaque, Alberto Ruiz, The Yellowheads, The Reactivitz, Kaiser Souzai, Audiomatiques, Gene Karz, Emanuele Millozzi, Luke Di Lullo, Ruiz Sierra and many more.

Now he is still one of the hardest-working Techno artists in Asia. He will continue his upcoming Techno releases to get better achievements in near future.